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RBA is a world leader in frozen egg donation.
We are renowned for providing exceptional donor-centered care.

Our number one focus is to protect the health, safety, dignity and privacy of our donors. Our dedicated egg donation facility in Atlanta ensures privacy of our donors as they navigate the egg donation journey. We offer personalized care, flexible morning monitoring hours and a growing number of convenient locations.

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A Rewarding Experience – The Gift of Life!

Our donors are generously compensated for their commitment and time. We offer a free, thorough medical exam including genetic screening. In addition, fertility preservation is offered to you at no cost on your 3rd donation cycle. These are just a few of the extra benefits of donating with RBA Donor. The altruistic joy you’ll receive cannot be measured.

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Our egg donor benefits

The Egg Donation Journey

Being the leaders in fresh egg donation since 1993 and frozen donor egg banking since 2007 has allowed us the opportunity to streamline our screening process, treatment & care. With the help of your dedicated care team, it is possible to complete this process within 2 months.

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What Do Our Egg Donors Say?

Want to hear first hand about the quality of care and great experiences our donors have with us? Hear what our donors have to say…

The level of care is so high and the donor team made me feel like family. I would donate again in a heartbeat!

Jessica, RBA Donor

There is nothing I can think of that would have made my experience any better. It was awesome!

Kaitlyn, RBA Donor

The program is truly wonderful. I couldn’t have picked a better place. Thank you all. There isn’t anything I would change.

Megan, RBA Donor

In all honesty, the money was what caught my eye. Once I realized that I was changing the life of someone who is using My Egg Bank as a last resort to start a family, my reason completely changed.

Ananya, RBA Donor

Satisfied would be an understatement. Every single person who worked with me went above and beyond. I truly feel like I was appreciated. I most definitely plan on donating again. Words can’t describe the feeling of knowing how I’ve potentially changed a family’s life forever.

Brittany, RBA Donor

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