The Egg Donation Journey

The egg donation process will include a few visits with our donor care team for your initial workup and cycle review. During the stimulation cycle, we offer multiple location options for travel convenience. The donation journey is completed with the egg retrieval and then a follow up care visit with the donor team.

The Egg Donation Process


Once your initial application is approved, you will then complete a more comprehensive profile. The profile requires a detailed medical history of you and your immediate family members. Once completed and submitted, our team will review to determine if you are eligible to proceed to screening.

Screening/Fertility Assessment

If accepted as a potential donor, you will be invited to begin our streamlined 3 step screening process which begins with a vaginal ultrasound and meeting our donor care team for an initial consultation to evaluate your overall fertility health. If eligible,the process continues with bloodwork, genetic screening, physical exam and psychological evaluation.


If eligibility requirements are met and you are approved, then one of our donor coordinators will contact you to plan the donation cycle. After a detailed instruction session provided by our nursing team, you will give self-administered injections and have frequent monitoring for approximately two weeks before the egg collection.

Egg Retrieval

The egg retrieval is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. The procedure is very safe and typically takes about 20-30 minutes. Immediately following the procedure, you will rest in the recovery room for approximately an hour. You will need someone to drive you home from this appointment.

Follow up/Compensation

Our priority is the safety, comfort and well-being of our donors. To ensure this, we will schedule a follow up appointment consisting of an ultrasound and stimulation review during your next menstrual cycle post egg retrieval.
You will receive your compensation at this appointment.

What Our Egg Donors Say

In all honesty, the money was what caught my eye. Once I realized that I was changing the life of someone who is using RBA Egg Donor as a last resort to start a family, my reason completely changed.

There is nothing I can think of that would have made my experience any better. It was awesome!

The program is truly wonderful. I couldn’t have picked a better place. Thank you all. There isn’t anything I would change.

Everything was so simple and easy for me to manage my everyday life and the donor program. everyone was incredibly nice, quick and efficient. I honestly cant think of one bad thing during my entire process- even the commute was fine.

Chelsea, RBA Egg Donor

I loved my experience! Would love to donate again if my age weren’t preventing it.

Danielle, RBA Egg Donor

There is nothing I can think of that would have made my experience any better. It was awesome!

I can’t think of anything I would change… You guys are fabulous! 🙂

The program is truly wonderful. I couldn’t have picked a better place. Thank you all. There isn’t anything I would change.

Lindsey, RBA Egg Donor

I think y’all do an awesome job! Everyone is so nice and helpful.

Natasha, RBA Egg Donor

Everything was so excellent! I have no complaints whatsoever.

I feel as if the program is wonderful just as it is. I continue to spread the word sharing this with everyone, because if your not ever faced with fertility problems this is something you may never no about.

Christa, RBA Egg Donor

I think that you have already optimized the process and are doing a great job.

I think y’all are doing a wonderful job. I donated several times and each time, it was great – from the doctors and nurses to the over-all experience. Doctors and nurses were helpful, thorough (when giving instructions or explaining things to me), professional, and knew exactly what they were doing and saying. I felt completely comfortable and I knew I was in good hands and that the surgeries would go fine and there wouldn’t be any major side effects. I can’t say enough how great my experiences were with RBA.

The program benefits everyone. For me, the compensation I received helped pay off my student loans and I finished my car payments. For another couple, my donation can bring the gift of life.

My aunt was infertile and her experience made me realize the impact donors have on society. I would not have my cousin if it weren’t for his egg donor. I am proud to be a donor!

It was a very loving experience for me. I have known many people who are not able to have children. I consider it a blessing to be able to help other couples.

I had a great experience donating. Each step of the way I was satisfied and was treated very well. I also liked learning stuff about my own body, like how many eggs I produce and that I am not a carrier for any genetic diseases.

The money caught my eye, but after reading about the medical need, it was just the right thing to do.

I was very satisfied with my experience. The staff was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. I never once felt that there was a question or problem that I had that went unanswered; the whole process just went very smoothly.

Natalie, RBA Egg Donor

I am not going to sugarcoat- the money helped me pay off my credit card debt, and I took a much needed shopping spree ☺

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