Women Donate Eggs For Many Reasons.

Egg donors are special individuals who want to help and change the world to a better place. By choosing to donate eggs they can give others the opportunity for incredible hope and joy by having a family they otherwise might never have.

By donating your eggs you can help create families for:

  • Someone suffering early menopause or premature ovarian failure (POF)
  • Women with extremely poor egg quality
  • Someone with a history of genetic disease
  • Women whose ovaries do not respond to stimulation
  • Someone with hormonal imbalance
  • Women over the age of 40
  • Couples with unexplained infertility

What Our Egg Recipients Say

We struggled for two years before we met all the wonderful staff at MyEggBank. We knew after our initial meeting we were going to start our family with their expertise and dedication. We set our course using the frozen egg bank, MyEggBank…. Our little miracle was born in July (2013). We are so in love and so grateful.

We’ve been through it all – drugs, cycle monitoring, IUI’s, 4 failed rounds of IVF. We had 4 pregnancies – one missed miscarriage, one healthy full term baby, one heartbreaking Trisomy 18 baby lost at 20 weeks, and a burst ectopic. As IVF #4 failed, our doctor told us about the affiliation with MyEggBank. Now just 9 months later, holding my beautiful baby girl – my little Georgia peach – I can finally cry with happiness instead of sadness. We have been truly blessed.

We couldn’t have asked for more, and in the end, with a little help from God, donor eggs from the frozen egg bank, and some awesome science and technology, we hit the jackpot with our twins who are now nearly 4 years old. We received the most amazing gift we could have imagined, and for that we will be forever grateful!

Ten days after the transfer of two “text book perfect” embryos we were pleasantly surprised with a positive pregnancy test and three weeks later saw two strong heartbeats at our ultra sound. We have two healthy happy three year olds and are forever grateful to MyEggBank.

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